About Us


Sternel as a company was founded in 2016, based on a robot programmers group with extensive experience in the automotive industry. We specialise in the automation of production lines for large car-manufacturing companies. Our programmers’ successes include a number of implementations on the lines of corporations such as BMW AG, Daimler AG, VW AG, Porsche, and Jaguar.

Sternel means quality. Our goal is sustainable development of the company. We place emphasis on building trust in the Sternel brand by providing supreme solutions to the market. The satisfaction of our customers is the best proof of this assumption, which has been confirmed by many fruitful contracts.

We work by the philosophy: “No problems, only solutions!”.

We are open for collaboration. Sternel provides comprehensive services in the field of design and implementation of automated production lines (including, eg., PLC programming, offline and online industrial robot programming). Thanks to comprehensive problem solving, we significantly improve the information flow and efficiency, which allows for safe implementation of project objectives within settled time guideline.

If you have only heard about us, please contact us and convince
in person, that our word is trustworthy.